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Work on to the hospital stage includes activities at the scene, during transportation, on site or in the medical section.

Allocate organizational, diagnostic, emergency treatment, prognostic measures.

Paramedic usually broadly focused on the incident (an accident in production, transportation, heavy unconsciousness, pain, etc.)


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General questions. His actions at the scene must be consistent, but often have to simultaneously solve several problems. The sequence of actions depends on the specific characteristics of the damaging agent, the most damage, the actual conditions, features, a characteristic feature is the continuity of the diagnostic process (a little later - and prediction) with the increasing accumulation, a continuous evaluation of diagnostic information to the final of clarity by the syndromic analysis.

The first action is the evaluation of the situation, initial preliminary examination ("one look"). Already at the entrance to the scene are possible congestion of cars, people, lights at night, excited, scared faces, etc. Visit often dictates the very first necessary actions (release affected by the current-carrying structures, from the cars, rubble), and sometimes determines the tactics ( eye-zanie emergency care in not immediately retrieve the victim from a damaged car Nogo, buildings, etc.).

Quick study: posture, position of the victim or patient, the place where he is (perhaps accumulation of blood, it is very important in determining the amount of blood loss), the situation surrounding persons and objects (such as a bed-side table, cluttered with medicines) are assessed actions of others ( who, like trying to help)

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